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    Remuneration Committee

    The Remuneration Committee exists to assist the board of directors in the evaluation of the Company’s overall remuneration and welfare policies, as well as directors’, supervisors’ and managers’ remuneration.
    According to the Company’s Remuneration Committee Foundation Principles, members of the committee are to be appointed under as resolution of the board of directors and shall comprise no fewer than three members, including at least one independent director. Members of the committee shall also appoint one of the independent directors to serve as the convener and chairperson for all committee meetings. The Company’s Remuneration Committee currently comprises two independent directors and one outsider; the role of the convener and meeting chairperson is assumed by Independent Director Da-Li Liao.

    Below is a list of the committee members:
  • Designation
  • Independent Director
    Da-Li Liao
    Convener and meeting chairperson
  • Independent Director
    An-Chien Li
  • Others
    Ming-Chin Chu