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    竞博体育jbo|竞博JBO官网-竞博JBO亚洲第一电竞平台 promises:
    Since the establishment of 竞博体育jbo|竞博JBO官网-竞博JBO亚洲第一电竞平台, it has been adhering to the vision of feeding back to the society which nourished it. 竞博体育jbo|竞博JBO官网-竞博JBO亚洲第一电竞平台 has been investing in public welfare activities for several years, and also encourages its employees to participate in public welfare activities. 竞博体育jbo|竞博JBO官网-竞博JBO亚洲第一电竞平台 hopes to use this to attract more private enterprises to join the corporate public welfare activities, to inherit the corporate spirit of charity and sustainable management, and to contribute to the long-term stability of the society. 竞博体育jbo|竞博JBO官网-竞博JBO亚洲第一电竞平台 is also deeply rooted in Taiwan, creating employment opportunities for Taiwanese and providing a stage to attract more talents to develop their careers.